To our valued customers:

Please note that due to FDA regulations and recent changes with our credit card merchant service provider, consumers purchasing electronic cigarettes and related products online must now be 21 years of age and MUST ALSO SIGN FOR RECEIPT OF THEIR PACKAGES. This increases the mailing costs for everyone as follows: There is a $5.95 fee that USPS charges for this adult signature confirmation service. In addition, USPS only allows adult signature confirmation when it is added to Priority Mail Service which costs another $6.80 (approximately, depending on your postal zone) in addition to the regular shipping cost.

As always, we strive to keep costs down for our customers so we have decided to share with our customers in some of these increased costs by developing the following shipping tiered structure for orders to accommodate these new costs that will be added to the regular shipping costs our customers would normally incur:

First Tier: We will split the cost of shipping on all orders that are $49.99 and below. Please note that this means that priority fee) our customers will be responsible for only $6.60 (your half of our standard $6.50 per package shipping cost plus the approximate $6.80 USPS priority fee) plus the Adult Signature Confirmation of total totaling approximately $12.55 for any order under $50.

Second Tier: For orders over $50 our customers will receive free shipping (including the priority charge) but you will still need to pay $5.95 for the Adult Signature Confirmation charge.

Third Tier: We will pay the cost for both shipping (including the priority fees) and the Adult Signature Confirmation charge for all orders totaling $100 and above.